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Student Information

Epsilon Pi Phi (EPP) is an ACHS accredited honor society for emergency management, homeland security and business continuity related fields. Being invited to become a member is truly an honor and recognition of academic achievement and contribution to your field. Once a student is accepted into the honor society, they are a lifetime member.


Membership will not be denied based on race, gender, sex, age, or any other discriminating factor or specific program factors that are not outlined in the by-laws.

Benefits of Being a Member
  • Recognition of your academic success in emergency management

  • Membership can be used for the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Certified Emergency Manager or Associate Emergency Manager CEM/AEM requirements

  • Student can add membership as a resume enhancer

  • Facebook page to reach out to other members and professionals

  • Student receives electronic certificate to proudly display

  • Emergency Management professionals recognize the individual's membership as a mark of excellence.

  • Internship opportunities in Texas and Washington D.C. area.


Epsilon Pi Phi Chapters accept applications from current students and alumni from emergency management, homeland security and business continuity related programs. Minimum requirements must be met before acceptance into the honor society. 

How to Become a Member

All applications for membership must go through the established chapter. If you have graduated, you may also apply as an alumni member for that chapter if you choose to do so. Applications are only accepted in March, July and October of each year. If you apply in between these times your application will be held until the next submission month. NOTE: we will be accepting next round of applications in March 2024. 


To apply: Contact your chapter's advisor or President. Most chapters will invite members into EPP based on their GPA status and other requirements being met.  Students have to belong to or have graduated from a local chapter.

If you are interested in becoming a member and your school does not have a chapter, we encourage you to form a chapter at your institution.  Review the chapter information on the website and contact Epsilon Pi Phi for further details.   

If you would like to start a chapter. More information and forms are available here.  

As a member, you have the opportunity to become a member of the EPP Board and can help guide future opportunities, by laws, events, etc.

STUDENT PLEDGE:  "I accept the challenge to maintain the high academic and leadership standards set forth by EPP and to serve as an example for the achievement of excellence in the fields of EM, HS, BC and CJ. I promise to be honest and accountable for my actions, to engage in meaningful service and to demonstrate personal and academic integrity. "

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